Chews & Snack Packs

We take our delicious prime beef biltong, perfectly air-cured so that it is tender to bite into, and cut it into lengths about as thick as a pencil.  Originally made as chew sticks for babies to teethe on, these are very popular with adults too. 

We make them in Original, Trekkers (mildest for children) and Peri Peri.

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Biltong Chews 200g
Biltong Chews are lengths of approximately 1cm square, lean, medium dry beef biltong, Just great for..
Biltong Chews 80g
Made for children but loved by adults, Biltong Chews are selected pieces of Beef Biltong cut into le..
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Great little packet for snacking on, for the lunch box or handbag.  A combo of half Traditional..