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Beef Crisps or Wieletjies are thinly sliced circles of yummy beef, plain or with a sprinkling of your favourite spice:  Chilli chutney, Fruit Chutney or BBQMade from our very popular Traditional Droewors, these delicious little crispy, round chips (hence the Wieletjies name = little wheels)..
Biltong Chews are lengths of approximately 1cm square, lean, medium dry beef biltong, Just great for young (teething children) and old (adults) to munch on.  Select the flavour you prefer - Trekkers is the mildest for children.  We select special pieces of biltong and cut the chews by hand..
Made for children but loved by adults, Biltong Chews are selected pieces of Beef Biltong cut into lengths of approximately 1cm square, and are lean and medium dry. Just great for young (teething children) and old (adults) to munch on.  Select the flavour you prefer - Trekkers is the mildest for..
Biltong Direct offer an opportunity to savour a number of our products in the Meat Munchies Box.  Beef Biltong, Droewors and Snap Sticks - 5 packets altogether, to sample and decide which is your favourite or to give as a gift.  We are sure you will enjoy them all!  Great as an intord..
For that special person who is a true Carnivore, give a gift that will be much appreciated.... A Biltong Direct Meaty Madness Box. Give your friends, colleagues, family - or even yourself - a chance to sample all the good, meaty things in life!    We supply this box in 2 variants,  ..
2 x 30g sachets of chunky biltong in a Single packet.  Enjoy one half pack and keep the other sealed for later.  Ideal for Ramblers, Walkers, Hikers, Climbers and anybody who wants a light, easy to carry, quick snack on the go.  At Biltong Direct we are well aware of the importance of..
Biltong Direct Original Biltong Spice is our own blend of pure spices for the DIY Biltong-making enthusiast.  Each 500g packet is enough to make 14Kg of biltong and contains no Gluten or MSG and only a trace of sugar or you can request Sugar-free but you will need to call 01268-727877 to specif..
At Biltong direct Droewors is our signature product.  Made from top quality beef with natural spices and herbs, just the right amount of fat is added to ensure this is a satisfying and delicious product.  Characteristically, as in South Africa, our droewors has the flavour of coriander whi..
LOOKING FOR A SPECIAL GIFT?This super box is full of assorted, tasty goodies.  Send direct to a friend or yourself!  If it is a gift, please type 'Gift' (in the comment box) then we won't include an invoice.  We will also need the names (yours & theirs) for the tag..
Great little packet for snacking on, for the lunch box or handbag.  A combo of half Traditional Droewors and half Original (MSG & Gluten Free) Biltong.  Made, of course, with all our usual care and concentration on maintaining top quality in all our products.  These mixed packs gi..
Amazing, authentic beefy flavour just the way you like it.  Customise your Biltong order using the drop down menus and selections.  Remember to check the details if you want Gluten and MSG free biltong.  Other dietary needs can be met if you contact us direct on 01268-727877 ..
Dry biltong, ground up fine for use as a sandwich filling, on its own, or mixed with soft cheese; as a pizza topping, or just scooped up in handfuls as an indulgent snack.  Way back when, extra dry biltong was placed on a flat surface and covered before being slammed with a heavy hammer until i..
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