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Biltong Direct have earned a reputation for supplying consistently great Beef Biltong since 2004.  Our customers keep coming back for more!  We use only prime cuts of grass fed beef and tried and trusted spice blends.  The difference in our Biltong is that it is made with years of experience, personal care and loads of love!  



Bitong is naturally a long-lasting product if kept under ideal conditions,  however Biltong needs to breathe in fresh air.  It will dry more and more as time goes by, but it will still be edible (if you have strong teeth).  Wet biltong sealed in a bag,  will soon go mouldy, due to the moisture content, no matter how it is packed.  

Our pre-packed Sliced Biltong is labelled with the BEST BEFORE date - This means it will still be edible, but not at its best after that date.  PLEASE NOTE THESE DATES ARE DEPENDENT ON CORRECT STORAGE AS WELL.

MED-WET     -    2 WEEKS                                          MED       -            1 MONTH                                        DRY       -               5 MONTHS

The Full pieces of biltong have a different BEST BEFORE date and is as follows;

 MED-DRY       -   10 days                                           DRY       -               1 MONTH

 To increase this date we recommend that you freeze the product as soon as you recieve it, in the original packet and it will last a further 5 months.

Amazing, authentic beefy flavour just the way you like it.  Customise your Biltong order using the drop down menus and selections.  Remember to check the details if you want.   Gluten and MSG free biltong.  Other dietary needs can be met if you contact us direct on 01268-727..
Beef biltong at its best.  Choose from Original MSG and Gluten Free; Trekkers; and Peri Peri MSG and Gluten Free with a chilli kick; and then customise your order, using the drop down menus.  For a full description of the dryness options, LEARN MORE.   Benefit from buying in bulk..
Biltong Direct have a great reputation for making tender and tasty traditional Biltong just like back home in SA.  Great care and personal attention to every detail means a consistently good product which you can rely on.  You can customise your Biltong order by using the drop down menus a..
Customise your Biltong order using the drop down menus and selections. Choose from Original (MSG & Gluten Free), Trekkers and Peri Peri (MSG & Gluten Free) with a chilli kick.  All Biltong Direct products are guaranteed on arrival and every order is tailor made to suit your preferences...
2 x 30g sachets of chunky biltong in a Single packet.  Enjoy one half pack and keep the other sealed for later.  Ideal for Ramblers, Walkers, Hikers, Climbers and anybody who wants a light, easy to carry, quick snack on the go.  At Biltong Direct we are well aware of the importance of..
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