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Taster Packs

At Biltong Direct we offer taster packs for you to test our flavour and quality for yourself. Choose from a taster pack of Biltong, Droewors or Snap Sticks

A Biltong Taster Pack contains one 50g packet of each of our Biltong Flavours:  Original Beef MSG & Gluten Free  +  Trekkers Beef + Peri Peri MSG & Gluten Free. This pack offers you the opportunity to discover your favourite without a big cash outlay.  We just know you..
3 x 50g packets of bite size pieces of Droewors or Drywors,  a tester pack of 1 packet each of Traditional, Garlic and Chilli with a hint of Garlic.  Biltong Direct make droewors/drywors the traditional way to give a full on flavour of coriander and other spices and herbs that compliment t..
Try for yourself - Taster Pack of Snap Sticks / Stokkies 2 x 50g Packets :     1 x 50g packet of Original Snap Sticks + 1 x 50g packet of Chilli Snap Sticks Our Biltong Snapsticks, aka "Stokkies" are made from 100% cured beef using our traditional South African spice blend...
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