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Atchars & Dressings

Green mango pickle eaten with curry is a hot and spicy side dish or sambal.   A well known addition to curries as it adds bite and flavour...
Curried Chillies Pickle for those with a cast iron palate.  If you like it hot, then these are a great additive to any meal...
Brand: Pakco
Hot vegetable atchar, the true Indian way, with a bite.  Atchar is a Hindi word that means “pickle.” Pickled fruits and vegetables are an important part of the cuisine of many nations since they extend the shelf life of produce. In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, atchar is made with an as..
Brand: Pakco
Pakco Curry Paste 400g. Add Pakco Curry Paste to meat or chicken in place of curry powder. Made from a delicate blend of spices and prepared in the traditional Pakco style to bring out the rich, authentic taste of real curry...
Brand: Pakco
Masala Curry powder is a great flavour combination perfect for making traditional Durban Curry with lamb or preferably mutton. TRADITIONAL RECIPE FOR DURBAN CURRY CLICK HERE..
Brand: Pakco
Green Mangoes made into a super delicious atchar to accompany curries and other dishes.  Pakcp is a name synonomous with all atchars and curry sauces in South Africa..
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