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Porridge & Cereals

Brand: Iwisa
Finely ground Mieliemeel suitable for all forms of Pap.  Morning porridge with milk and sugar or with a braai as krummel or stywe pap..
Brand: Iwisa
Small packet of traditional mealiemeal for porridge, pap, stywepap or krummelpap.  A household necessity, especially during braai season...
Jungle Taystee Wheat (500g Box)
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Jungle Taystee Wheat (500g Box)  -  Quick cooking microwaveable wheat porridge. Jungle Taystee Wheat is quick and easy to prepare, designed to give you and your family energy throughout the day. Ideal breakfast for when you have a busy lifestyle and easy to prepare in just 3..
Mealie / Mielie Meel Porridge similar to pap, without the fuss, as it cooks in a few minutes in the microwave.  A healthier alternative to toast for school- going youngsters and adults alike...
Brand: Bokomo
Pronutro Banana Wheat Free  500g Box.  Breakfast cereal eaten hot or cold with milk, Banana flavour. Pronutro is a good choice for your breakfast cereal and the product does contain what is stated on the label...
Brand: Bokomo
Pronutro Chocolate Wheat Free  500g Box)  Chocolate flavoured ProNutro porridge or cereal.  Staple breakfast cereal of many South African households.  Adults and children love it...
Brand: Bokomo
Pronutro Original Wheat Free  500g Box    Wheat free & nutritious breakfast porridge. Pronutro is a good choice for your breakfast cereal and the product does contain what is stated on the label...
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Brand: Iwisa
Iwisa Samp - Mealie kernels, dried and ready to soak and cook.  Add sugar beans and serve as you like it, with or without gravy or sous..
Brand: Jungle Oats
Jungle Taystee Wheat - 1kg is a 3 minute hot energy breakfast, low in fat and saturated fat, low in sodium and high in fibre...
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Red Speckled Beans - Red Speckled, ideal to be mixed with Samp for traditional Samp and Beans..
Brand: Tastic
Tastic Rice - 1kg is a parboiled rice is specially selected from the world’s best quality rice: long grain, unbroken, clean and white. Tastic always cooks fluffy and white...
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