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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my guarantee when buying from Biltong Direct?

We take a great deal of care in producing high quality meat products.  We personally  oversee every step of the process to ensure the products are treated with care. Products for your order are selected with your preferences in mind, so that we are sure you will be happy with what you receive.  Parcel packing is done meticulously to ensure that you receive your order in the best possible condition.  It is then mailed or sent to you by courier which is where our responsibility could end BUT we don't think so, we want you to be SAtisfied when you receive your package.  

You can imagine how upset WE feel if YOU are disappointed in any way when you receive your order.  That is why we are prepared to give you a 100% guarantee on the quality of the products on arrival.  What that means to you,  is that

1.  If you open a packet and find the contents are not as you expected, you need to contact us immediately (again within 48 hours of receiving the parcel, please) so that we can rectify the problem.  

2.  Please remember that in the case of paper packets, the contents are guaranteed until received, thereafter the correct storage is up to you.  Although there is a Best Before date on the label, that only indicates that if the product is stored correctly, it is best consumed prior to that date.  Of course you can still call us if it is not 100% to your satisfaction on arrival. 

3.  The solution is not the same in every case as you may request a replacement or prefer your cash back, but the outcome is the same - your complete SAtisfaction.


Why is my online confirmation number different from my order number?

This is due to the internal process we must maintain to properly track your order through the system. Once an order number is assigned you may use it for all future references to that purchase.

 What should I do if I am not satisfied with my order?

We are human and will make an error from time to time, no matter how vigilant we are.  If you are not satisfied with a product, please call us within 24 hours of receipt of your parcel and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible

What is the difference between Original and Trekkers Biltong?

The difference is only in the blend of spices used.  We import spices from SA and add our own unique ingredients.  Trekkers  biltong has a full, beefy flavour and darker colour whereas Original has a more predominant roast coriander and mild black pepper taste. Original Biltong does not contain any MSG or Wheat Gluten, so is the healthier option.  Both are truly delicious, traditional biltongs made according to tried and trusted recipes and methods.

What are Snap Sticks?

Snap Sticks are really very thin, twig-shaped pieces of biltong.  As they are thin, they absorb more of the spices and get a more concentrated flavour.  Snap Sticks are also very dry and contain very little visible fat, so are great to snack on if you are on diet (or if you want to build up a thrist for that icy cold beer!).   This product is also known as Chilli bites -  we make them in Original and Chili. They are very addictive.

 Can I order my Biltong the way I like it - eg dry and fatty?

Yes, of course.  We aim to satisfy your craving and if you crave your Biltong dry and fatty, that is how we will try to supply it.  People's descriptions vary, but we will do the best we can.  Just select your preference in when ordering.

We can supply you with dry/very dry biltong - there is a special category for you to select from.  Yes, it is slightly more expensive, but that is because it spends a few extra days tucked up warm and cosy in our heated drying cabinets.

 Can I place a special or bulk order?

Certainly.  We will make a special batch of Biltong, Snap Sticks or Droewors according to your specifications, provided you order at least 2Kgs.

Can I include other South African food products with my biltong order?

Yes, we stock a range of popular South African brand name foods and these can be selected and included with your order or ordered separately.  All orders including items that need extra protection will be packaged carefully and sent in a box.

What does UK PM034 GB stand for in the approval number?

We have complied with all the latest rulings concerning the manufacture of meat products.  This means that our premises are regularly inspected by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety and also the Trading Standards departments for our area.  We are situated in Basildon, Essex hence the initials PM followed by the number issued to us on approval by the council.  Since Brexit, tghe approval stamp no longer inclueds EU but now carries the number and GB.  This mark of approval is your guarantee that the product you buy is monitored according to our HACCP and is the best quality possible.We also hold the highest 5 Star Food Hygiene rating.