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Communication being the 'name of the game' as ever, we want to confirm that we are always on hand (01268-727877) MONDAY-FRIDAY 8.15am - 3pm to help if you have difficulties with shopping on our site. Please read through the following tips and give us a call or drop us an email .  if you still have questions.


Drying Biltong is a process of taking marinated meat, curing it and drying it.  Between the martinated product and the 'dry' biltong, there is a range of stages the meat passes through.  Drying is gradual and different people enjoy it at differing stages of dryness.  Although on our website we offer plenty of options, your description may differ from ours.  Please be aware also, that if you order your biltong in a paper packet, it will continue to dry while on its way to you - it can literally change from hour to hour, as the paper absorbs moisture from the product.

1.  Dry to Very Dry Biltong, due to the fact that it takes up space in our drying cabinets for longer, it carries a slightly higher price.  Dry to very dry biltong is listed in a separate category.  Dry biltong is HARD, right through.  The meat has lost all or almost all of its moisture.  This biltong has a much longer shelf life.

2.  Almost Dry Biltong,  is Biltong which has dried significantly, both on the outside and in the centre.  It is firm but still slightly bendable, without any moist meat in the centre.

3.  Medium Biltong, is dry on the outside but still slightly moist in the centre.  It is bendable but firm.

4.  Medium to Wet Biltong,  is meat that has dried on the outside but is still red and moist in the centre.  The whole piece would be bendable and slightly springy if pinched between finger and thumb.  Check the date on the packet as this biltong should be consumed within 48 hours of opening the packet and BEFORE THE BB date.  Unfortunately we cannot send out very wet biltong as it will go mouldy in transit.

Our staff are all trained in these descriptions and will do their very best to carry out your requests.  Please understand that it is not possible for us to be mind-readers, so if we get it a bit wrong once in a while, please forgive us.


1.  Cookies.  For those who are not au fait with this word, it is an IT term and  it does not mean the choc chip variety!   This is now a legal (EU) requirement and the quickest, and the correct way of dealing with this is to accept it, then it will go away and shouldn't plague you any more.

2.  Customers who used our previous site please note:   we are now using a completely new system, you WILL need to re-register.  If you experience any problems please give Derick a call on 01268-727877.


This is IMPORTANT but actually not new....  Please ensure that when placing your order, you have checked the address and post code are correct and made adequate arrangements for the delivery of your parcel.  The delivery address can be changed when you complete your shopping and go into the View Basket section.  

Your parcel will be delivered by DPD Courier, somebody will need to be at home to receive it.   We will send you an email when it has been dispatched and if you provide a mobile phone number DPD will message you with a one hour time slot.  WHEN YOU RECEIVE THAT EMAIL IT IS TOO LATE TO REQUEST A DIFFERENT DELIVERY ADDRESS OR MAKE ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS - your parcel will already have left us.

Please remember that you can change your delivery address very easily.  Think about using your work address or that of a friend or neighbour who is always at home.  Edit the address on the View Basket page when placing your order.  Add any special instructions in the appropriate comment box.



We all know the frustrations of ordering on line and waiting endless hours for deliveries, blaming the delivery people and the supplier if things do not go according to plan.  Having been in the business of sending out meat products for more than 15 years, we have learnt some important lessons.  Our aim is always to make our costs fair and competitive, whilst ensuring the best service we can to our customers.

Please, please read our Terms and Conditions to make yourself familiar with what services we offer abd help us to help you.

Your Order’s Journey:

To place your order, simply select your products and fill your basket, choosing all the necessary options to ensure you get your biltong etc just the way you like it.

When you are ready, go to Checkout.  Follow the simple instructions and go through the Steps but …..

PLEASE NOTE:  Make satisfactory arrangements before placing your order.  Your parcel can be delivered to you at work or to an alternative address/ee BUT only if that arrangement is made at the time of PLACING the order.  WE WILL SEND YOU AN EMAIL THE EVENING YOUR PARCEL IS DISPATCHED.  IT IS THEN TOO LATE TO MAKE ALTERATIONS TO DETAILS.  IF YOUR PARCEL IS SENT BY COURIER AND YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE THE PARCEL, IT MAY BE TAKEN BACK TO THEIR DEPOT AND A SECOND ATTEMPT MADE THE FOLLOWING DAY.    Orders containing frozen goods will not be returned to the depot.  The parcel will be left with a neighbour or at your front door (at your own risk).

When your order is received on our computer system, it is dealt with and sent to the Packing department.  We check emails twice every working day, so we can give speedy responses when necessary.  In Packing, the products will be selected and packed according to your preferences before being packed in parcels for dispatch.

Your order will be assessed by our website and if it contains any fragile items like Biscuits, Cold Drink Cans, glass jars, packets of Chips or in fact anything fragile (breakable or squashable), we will pack those items in protective wrapping and put the order into a box.  

If your order contains any frozen products, these too will be specially wrapped and packed in special polystyrene lined boxes and kept frozen until dispatch.

The length of time it takes to get from us to you – Well this can vary and common sense tells us it is at the mercy of quite a few influences, such as parcel volumes over special seasons, the vagaries of the climate and in the case of areas outside mainland UK, a multitude of other influences which are beyond our control.

Areas outside the UK mainland and in some areas of Scotland too, extra time is involved in deliveries  – please make allowances for this when placing your order.

Special instructions: 

Yes, you can give us instructions by means of a comment in the box on checkout Step 4, to print and put on the parcel. We cannot do anything about instructions given after we have dispatched your order.

If you are sending the parcel as a gift, please allow enough time for us to receive, pack and dispatch the order to reach your family or friends by the special date.  If you have left ordering a little late, please don’t ask us to work miracles – we will try, but may not be able to succeed.

Delivering your Order:

Please ensure that an up to date mobile number appears on your order and that the address given is also correct –check the Post Codes too!   If you give any incorrect information, unfortunately we cannot be held liable for failed delivery.  Mobile numbers enable the courier to inform you of the delivery window.

Your order has now been delivered and you open it up.  Yay, all the goodies you wanted.  Please inspect everything properly and according to our little instruction slip – open packets of wet and/or fatty biltong or other products.  If there is anything you are concerned about, please notify us within 24 hours of receipt, preferably by email. Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details of guarantees and returns.

We guarantee to replace any products that you are not happy with but according to the regulations governing the selling of food, we cannot take back any open packets.

About those Best Before Dates:  We pack and vacuum seal biltong and our other dried products for their journey to you, but it is not the best way of storing them.  Biltong etc are natural products that are undergoing a preserving process.  They need air to flow around them and they will continue to dry.  If they are damp for too long they will probably grow moldy.   If you have ordered them in paper bags, they will continue to dry and need to be shaken up to allow the air to flow. 

The Best Before dates apply to products that are dry, and cannot really be used to determine the shelf life of wet biltong.  Correctly stored Biltong and other dried meat products can last for months and even years.