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Tuesday 14 April 2020:   For the moment, our lucky shop customers can join our online following, and shop from the comfort of you own home.  We miss seeing you all in the shops but will have loads of catching up to do when this is over.

On a serious note:  We at Biltong Direct are heeding the advice to stay safe at home where necessary, and to work at least 2m apart.  Our working environment is always kept immaculately hygienic, but even we have stepped it up a gear.  It was sad closing our shops temporarily, but we are still working extremely hard to keep you all well stocked.  This is possible as long as our suppliers are able to supply us, and as long as none of our precious team get ill.  We are short-staffed due to self-isolation but by working a split shift, we are doing our best.  Orders may be a little delayed due to the unprecedented demand, but please be patient and you will be rewarded with some DELICIOUS goodies.



You do not need to miss out on anything!  If you are used to shopping in Basildon or Chelmsford, you can get it all **online!

** Sorry, no chicken products!