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About Us

We, Derick & Rose, started making Biltong in the UK in 2004.  YES, 20 YEARS AGO!  Our chosen route was to use only the best quality meat sourced from reputable suppliers, initially at Smithfield Meat Market in London, and we chose to import spices from Freddy Hirsch in South Africa to be certain that the quality would match our branding.  It was decided that, as the majority of people in UK, including most South Africans, actually prefer beef to game meat,  the emphasis would be on making the best beef biltong possible. Traditional methods and recipes were thoroughly researched and the outcome is a tried and tested, superior quality product, much complimented on by South Africans as being even better than back home -  in fact many take our biltong home with them when they go back to visit !  We still source our meat from a supplier in Smithfields and blend many of our own spices, the popular flavours of our products have remained the same.

Droewors was our next project - we did not enjoy eating fatty droewors ourselves, so we set out to make our own recipe, which of course we guard fiercely, and which has become our signature product.  To the blend of meat with just the right fat content, we add a tried and trusted mix of herbs and spices which means that we are able to satisfy even the most fanatical wors lovers.  We decided that although the Traditional dry wors is still a firm favourite, we would also have a try at other flavours and currently produce three varieties with Traditional being our flagship flavour, and Chilli running a close second.

Snap Sticks just happened naturally and are still one of our best sellers.  They are not just churned out by a mechanical cutter, but by our very own Gill and Nidio.  They select and hand-cut each one before spicing them all.  They are very dry, with an easy to break, snappy texture and the only problem is that we need to keep on our game to ensure we make enough for the ever-growing demand.

Our story in UK went from a small homestyle industry to running our own factory in just over a year, as sales on the Internet and through various other outlets continued to grow.  We needed space and set up our factory on Canvey Island.  Demand from customers led us to keep a few SA groceries - demand continued to the point that today we have a range of  well over 300 products on our shelves.

From day one our mission has been to SAtisfy the craving not only of South Africans living in UK and throughout the EU but to introduce British foodies to our foods and convert them to the joys of eatng  Biltong, Boerewors and all the other goodies.  Boerewors has been a special love from the start.  We have taken trusted recipes, methods and spices and turned them into works of art - succulent, juicy but not running with fat. Made with top quality beef cuts and speck, we have conjured up some really tasty treats and now sell a range of more than 8 varieties.  Boere-Burgers. which we started - and others followed - are a resounding success especially with the British folk who enjoy making burgers on a braai! 

Innovations, improvements and growth....

We never stand still, we are always trying to improve on our product quality and giving our customers their orders exactly as they prefer, which is why our prices may not be the cheapest on the market but we use the best beef Silversides and our Dry and Very Dry biltong takes a little extra time to get to the right stage, so you may be asked to be patient for an additional day or two - BUT IT REALLY IS WORTH THE WAIT when you taste that delicious biltong.

People are becoming more and more health-conscious so we have introduced our Original and Peri Peri Gluten and MSG free biltong. We are told it is the best - traditional flavours and no 'baddies' added.

Our continued customer support and the popularity of our products, has led to expansion of the business and we opened our second shop in the heart of Essex, in Chelmsford in April 2014.  In January 2017 we moved our Canvey Island factory and shop into much larger premises, more central for the people we serve - in Basildon.

Our staff team has changed and grown over the past 20 years and these days the Peacocks are mostly working from home, on the accounts and admin while leaving the day to day work to Jeanette (Factory Manager) and Don (Production Manager) and our A Team of Charmaine in Chelmsford Shop, Palmalisa and Keegan in the Basildon Shop and Lorraine (Internet orders), Gill and Nidio.

Watch out for all our special events, special offers for Reward customers and special 20th Anniversary prize draws!

So what can you expect when you shop with us - outstanding quality, coupled with competitive prices and exceptional personal service .... and if you are not happy with anything you order, you have our assurance that we will uphold our 100% Guarantee because the only type of customers we want are the HAPPY variety !