Moms did you know that South African babies have been biting on biltong to aid teething for generations.  We provide BILTONG CHEWS cut just right for those sore little gums to chew on to relieve their pain.  Just clean each piece up after the day of chewing;  keep it in the fridge over night and next morning the coolness will soothe away the nasty pain.  Although adults may not be teething, we find they also enjoy our Chews.  Original flavour has a bit more pepper, so is suitable for the adults, while Trekkers is milder for babies.


Our New Baby

Our fresh new look website for 2020 brings several benefits, including more efficient ordering from smart phones and tablets.  PRICE REDUCTIONS on some of your favourite products, as well as revised DELIVERY CHARGES, make it cheaper to SAtisfy your cravings. 

Along with most new babies, come the teething problems.  New websites are rather similar – they come with their own unique set of problems.  The lines between Biltong Direct and our site developers have been BUZZING over the past 2 weeks.  We hope you haven’t been too inconvenienced by any difficulties you have encountered since our change over.  Our aim is to provide you with a safe, easy and fast way of finding all the South African foods you need (or just want).

As well as reducing the costs, we have brought back Royal Mail delivery as an option.  Now you can choose how you receive those smaller orders.  Friday dispatch by Royal Mail also means that SATURDAY DELIVERY is now possible (except for frozen products).  Remember, Jeanette is always there to assist and advise you regarding deliveries and other special requests.  Just give her a call on 01268-727877 or email her at

If you live on the UK mainland, you will also enjoy FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS IN EXCESS OF £70.  (People living in other areas will also receive a major discount on delivery.)

Please be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other SPECIAL OFFERS from time to time.  Watch out for our eNewsletters and news on Facebook and Twitter.  Other great innovations are planned for the near future too, so don’t miss out.

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