Savoury Bread

No 3 Flat-bottomed Potjie


Sift 250g Plain Flour with 5ml Salt.  Add 1 pkt. Instant Yeast, 1 pkt. White Onion Soup Powder and 30ml Sugar.  Lightly brown 2 thinly sliced med. Onions in butter .  Remove from heat and cool before adding to flour mixture. Lightly mix & then make a well in the centre and add 550ml lukewarm water.  Mix until it forms a soft dough.  Turn onto floured surface and knead until smooth (5 mins.)  Divide into 2 halves.  Grease flatpotjie with butter and place 2 loaves in pot.  Brush dough with slightly beaten egg white.  Sprinkle half with cornflour and the other half with 125ml grated Cheddar Cheese.  Brush the inside of the lid with butter and cover potjie.  Place in a  warm draughtless place to rise until doubled in size.  Place on small fire for 45 – 60mins.  Bread is done when it sounds hollow if tapped with a knuckle.


KRUMMELPAP      (for 4 people)


375ml Cold water

5ml Salt

300g/500ml Iwisa


Heat water and salt until boiling vigorously

Pour Iwisa into centre of water to form a heap – DO NOT STIR

Cover pot with lid and simmer slowly for about 15mins

Stir the pap with a large fork (meat fork) until it resembles fine crumbs

Replace the lid and leave for a further 30-40mins over a VERY LOW HEAT


STYWEPAP     (for 4 people)


500ml Cold Water

3ml Salt

10ml Butter or margarine

180g/300ml Iwisa


Heat water, salt and butter until boiling

Add Iwisa slowly and stir

Lower the heat and cover the pot.  Leave to cook VERY SLOWLY for 30-40mins.


To make a very sweet and rich Stywepap, a tin of Sweetcorn and a tin of Condensed Milk can be added.


IWISA -  THIS IS THE ONLY BRAND OF Maize Meal available in UK and is supplied by BILTONG DIRECT in 1Kg, 2,5Kg and 5Kg packets.  We also supply Growwe Pap (Coarse) in 2,5Kg packets when it is available.  Bigger bags can be ordered on request.

Braai Sauce
Fry onions in oil until opaque, add curry powder or curry paste to taste and fry for 2 mins.  Add chopped tomatoes of a tin of tomato and onion mix (Available at Biltong Direct – the local varieties are very acidic).  Mix in a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, a spoon of honey, crushed garlic, a pinch of mixed herbs and salt and pepper.

Stirring all the time, cook until the tomatoes are soft and tender and the sauce is well blended.

Thicken as preferred with a flour and water paste.  This can be used as a dip as well.