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Mrs Balls Chilli Chutney 470g Jar

The traditional.   South Africans' favourite chutney. On nearly every table in the land.  Mrs Balls Chutney is not just a household name, it is an institution. THE chutney with added great peachy flavour.

Mention Mrs Balls chutney to any South African and you will see their eyes immediately light up, and their mouths start to water.

It is the most delicious chutney, made with dried fruit, with a hint of chilli.   It is used to add flavour to stews and curries, or served as a side dip with cold meat or pies.

The story goes that a certain Mr and Mrs Adkins were on a ship sailing from Canada to South Africa back in the 1860s.  While on the ship Mrs Adkins was given the recipe for chutney by one of the Indian chefs.  Chutney is the anglicised version of the Hindu work Chatni, meaning a relish made with fruit and spices.

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