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Boerewors 2 Kg Packs Choose your Flavour

Boerewors 2 Kg Packs Choose your Flavour
Boerewors 2 Kg Packs Choose your Flavour
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  • Weight: 2.10kg
  • Dimensions: 12.70cm x 12.70cm x 12.70cm

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All our boerewors is made with just the right amount of fat to make it juicy, but not so much that the size of the wors is reduced when it is cooked.  No coating round your mouth, just delicious, mouthwatering flavour.  Made from the best 95vl beef and a measured amount of Pork spek, to ensure consistent quality.  Try one of our many flavours: 

  • TRADITIONAL - speaks for itself, just boerewors at its best :  
  • GARLIC - Traditional with a good garlic flavour (almost anti-social) :
  • CHILLI - Traditional with a hint of Garlic and a kick of chilli :
  • out of stock KAASWORS - as the name suggests, we have added a portion of Cheddar and Motzarella cheese, so it oozes with flavour :  
  • out of stock CHAKALAKA - for those who like it HOTand spicy :
  • out of stock PORK FREE MINIWORS - Not a lover of pork, then this is for you - a blend of Beef and Lamb in sheep's casings :
  • out of stock SOSATIE - with that familiar Malay flavour of curry and fruit that is so popularthin so it cooks quickly

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