Snacks, Sweets and Rusks

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Chappies Fruit Bubble Gum Assorted - per dozen
Chappies Assorted Fruit Bubble Gum  Assorted flavours per dozen.  Yellow wrappers, with fa..
Fizzers Cream Soda Bar Beacon
One bar of Beacon Cream Soda Fizzer Bar.  Deliciously fizzy and toffee like chewiness. ..
Fizzers Strawberry Bar Beacon
Beacon Fizzer Bar - Strawberry (Unit) ..
Fritos BBQ Corn Chips    120g Bag
Fritos maize chips flavoured with barbeque spices.  A favourite among South Africans. ..
Koeksisters Original Plain 6
Specially handmade for us, these are a familiar traditional treat for those with a sweet tooth. &nbs..
Liquorice All Sorts Bar Beacon
Beacon Liquorice All Sorts Bar ..
Marshmallow Mice each Beacon
Single squishy Beacon Mallow Mice with liquorice tails /  Malva muisies ..
Maynards Wine Gums
Maynards Wine Gums  -  Chewy wine gums with loads of fruity flavour ..
Ouma Rusks Muesli 500g Box
Renowned Ouma's trusted recipe with added dried fruit and grain.  Once opened the box will ..
Simba Ghost Pops (100g Bag)
Simba Ghost Pops - large packet ..
Sponge Fish each Beacon
Soft and luscious or hard and chewy, whatever your preference, Beacon Sponge Fish are a bite back in..
Willards Flings (150g Bag)
Willards Flings (150g Bag)  - Light, fluffy puffs of flavour - the most popular snack in a..
Wilsons Jelly Tots - Original (100g Bag)
Wilsons Jelly Tots - Original (100g Bag)  -  Sugar coated jelly balls with lots and lots o..
Wilsons Toffees (now called Champion) - Original (each)
Wilsons Original big toffees in a black wrapper with a molasses flavour ..
Wilsons Toffees - Butter Milk (each)
Wilsons big toffees in a blue wrapper with a smooth buttermilk flavour ..
Wilsons Toffees - Candy Cola (each)
Wilsons big toffees in a brown wrapper with a chewy cola flavour ..
Chappies Assorted Bubblegum 8 pieces
8 assorted Chappies Bubblegum complete with jokes and Did you know's on the wrapper. ..
Chewy Fizz Bar with new SOUR grape flavour ..
Fizz Pop Apple Beacon    Single Unit
Beacon Fizz Pop - Apple Flavour ..
Fizz Pop Beacon  Black Cherry
Beacon Fizz Pop Black Cherry flavour with fizzy centre ..