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Chappies Assorted Fruit Bubble Gum  Assorted flavours per dozen.  Yellow wrappers, with facts and jokes..
Brand: Beacon
One bar of Beacon Cream Soda Fizzer Bar.  Deliciously fizzy with a hint of sherbert and toffee-like chewiness...
Brand: Fritos
Fritos maize chips flavoured with barbeque spices.  A favourite among South Africans.  Crunchy and natural, these corn crisps are great with dips...
Plaited dough dipped in syrup while very hot which gives them their name, they go 'sisssss' as they absorb the juicy flavour. Just oozing syrup at every mouthful. Specially handmade for us, these are a familiar traditional treat for those with a sweet tooth.  High sugar content not advised for ..
Marshmallow Fish - Soft and luscious or hard and chewy, whatever your preference, Beacon Sponge Fish are a bite back in time...
Maynards Wine Gums  -  Chewy wine gums with loads of fruity flavour..
Brand: Ouma
Renowned Ouma's trusted recipe with added dried fruit and grain.  Once opened the box will soon be gone as they are irresistible.  Perfect to dunk in a cup of hot milky coffee or tea.  Takes the edge of your hunger and gives you that wonderful comfort of home. Buttermilk rusks ar..
Brand: Simba
Simba Chips is a popular South African brand of potato crisps, Salt and Vinegar, All Gold Tomato Sauce, Mrs Balls Chutney...
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Brand: Simba
Simba Ghost Pops - large packet.  What flavour, you ask?  We just cannot describe it.  Mmmmm yummy...
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