Porridge and Cereals

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Iwisa No. 1 Super Maize Meal 2.5Kg Bag
Finely ground Mieliemeel suitable for all forms of Pap.  Morning porridge with milk and sugar o..
Iwisa No.1 Super Maize Meal 1Kg
Small packet of traditional mealiemeal for porridge, pap, stywepap or krummelpap.  A household ..
Kreemy Meel 1Kg
Porridge similar to pap, without the fuss as it cooks in a few minutes in the microwave.  A hea..
Pronutro Banana Wheat Free   500g Box
Pronutro Banana Wheat Free  500g Box.  Breakfast cereal eaten hot or cold with milk, Banan..
Pronutro Original Wheat Free   500g Box
Pronutro Original Wheat Free  500g Box    Wheat free & nutricious breakfast porri..
Iwisa Samp - ready to cook and serve as you like it ..