Hi Everyone,

Whew our world is in a bit of a mess isn't it?  England is suffering in the third Lockdown; teething problems with Brexit are causing difficulties; America is suffering from Impeachment hassles; South Africa has a myriad of troubles; China faces questions about how Covid 'escaped' ....... the list goes on and on.  On a more personal level, most of us know people who have been struck down with Covid - whatever variant !   People are still dying daily in large numbers and others are still denying the existence of the Pandemic.  

We have lovely customers who wear masks, sanitise their hands and keep their distance while bein almost apologetic about coming to shop for their biltong fix, while others insist on leaning maskless over the counter - with no thought for our staff (or themselves and others).  

People, it is REAL and it will probably last longer if we decide to flaunt the rules.  At Biltong Direct, we have put as many Covid safety restrictions in place as possible, to keep our staff safe and to prevent us spreading any virus germs.  Please customers help us.  Please abide by the regulations without unpleasantness, we are all trying to do our bit.

As a food manufacturer we are legitimately allowed to remain open, unless the regulations change.  We do have to place restrictions on shoppers, for the common good.  Our ladies serving in the shop have had some criticism, but it is not their fault.  

Surely we have all learnt some lessons during this past year of Covid's Reign.  We need to be thankful for the small things, take nothing for granted and live a day at a time.  Smiles are not obvious from behind a mask but a kind word here and there doesn't cost anything and may lift somebody's spirits.  

Remember friends, our shops are ready to supply all your favourite South African goodies - there are some supply delays from SA on groceries, as there are every January/February even without Covid.  Meat importation has been impacted by Brexit to some extent, but we were well prepared for it.   We have a good stock of all our meat products, even though the weather is not playing ball with drying!  

A lekker stukkie Biltong or Droewors is the antidote for almost anything.  Order yours today!