We had to get to the end of 2020 at some stage and we are fast approaching with December right here and Christmas on the doorstep.  One thing we can all agree on is the effect one very small virus has had on the entire globe.  It has been (as those old enough will remember the Queen saying, an annus horribilis) - a horrible year.  Now we come to the time of year most people look forward to, Christmas.  Gatherings with family and friends and all the delicious treats to eat and drink, all form part of the Festive Season every year .... apart from 2020 of course.  

This year we do not know just what December 25th holds for us all.  a fist bump instead of a hug here and there, being cash-strapped instead of generous and no doubt in some homes, real deprivation.  It is a sign of my age that I can remember back to the days when gifts were a new outfit or something homemade and lavish presents just did not happen.  2020 with all its difficulties has been a time of reflection.  Reflecting on the things that are really important to us.  People & relationships and enjoying what we have and not what we wish we had.

At Biltong Direct, we are thankful that all our team have come through this time with no cases of Covid amongst us or our families.  We are grateful.  The first lockdown proved to be a very busy time for our internet orders even though our shops were closed.  The second round of restrictions saw us keeping the shops open (as we sell food) and now we are ready to supply all your special goodies for your Christmas treats, whether on your own, in your 'bubble' or with family (if we are lucky and restrictions are relaxed).

Concentrate on whatever positives you can find, and one we can provide - is delicious South African treats, but get in early to avoid disappointment.  See our Christmas opening hours and order deadline details 

Remember that Christmas, even a consstricted one, is a time for counting your blessings!