Those who are new to our products, we want to introduce you to great quality; friendly, efficient and personal service and competitive prices.  Over the years (since 2004) we have earned many accolades for consistency and great customer service.

Our range of South African products includes all the obvious, such as Beef Biltong, Snap Sticks, Droewors, Wieletjies (Known as Crisps by our English customers), a wide variety of Boerewors flavours, as well as the ever-popular Lamb Sosaties, ribs, Chicken flatties (many flavours), Man-sized Rump Steaks (marinated or plain), Oxtail & Shin for the Potjie and for those who love them … Skilpadjies.  Groceries include all the popular brands, Ouma, ProNutro, Mrs Balls, Koo and All Gold, Sparletta, Oros, Safari and so many more favourites.  We have Namibian hard wood for Braais and in fact everything you need to Satisfy your craving for the taste and smell of home.  You can be sure of a very warm welcome and any help you need in selecting everything you want.

If you already know us, we can confirm our commitment to you, that at all times, we strive for the highest quality in our products.  We are always open to hear your comments, good or bad,  because unless we know what you like or dislike, we cannot meet your needs.

Our business first took shape in 2004 when we arrived in UK.  In our container of goods was a single biltong drying cabinet and a few dreams.  Ideas formed and after many enquiries and much research, we started making biltong for our family.  Our recipes were tried and tested and approved by family and friends, so we made more and more biltong.  We spread our products to friends of friends and so the story grew.

From small beginnings, great things are made!  A few moves and a big learning curve finally ended in our own factory on Canvey Island in Essex.  Public demand led to the provision of some SA groceries and our production of meat products soared.  In our little ‘out of the way’ premises, business was buzzing.  From a full-time staff of one and one part time, we grew.  From a single drying cabinet we expanded.  From a few family members, our customer base increased.

2017 saw a great migration.  We moved to premises that were easier for our customers to find and a shop that could cater for their needs.  For our staff, it meant more space to work and so, more pleasant working conditions.  We were growing up!  Our ’baby’ was ready to fly.

Thanks to loyal support from our customers, Biltong Direct has withstood economic ups and downs but of course it is still somewhat seasonal.  We are committed to maintaining our quality despite all the price increases and supply difficulties that have caused us many problems at times.  Meat supply is our biggest issue as we do all we can to keep up our standards.  Another issue we battle constantly, is the poor standard of courier services in general and the exorbitant cost of delivery.   We do still aim for same day dispatch for orders in before 12 noon but sadly delivery sometimes let us, and you down.