YES! At last we can tell you that both our shops are now open again.  We made it through Lockdown and the stringent measures needed to beat the first onslaught of the virus.  We kept right on making our products and supplying all those who turned to the Internet to place their orders. As for all businesses this strange time has been fraught with difficulties.  Who would have believed this time last year that we would now be walking around face-less , hiding our smiles behind a great variety of face coverings of all colours and styles; that we would have to queue outside a shop to go in, instead of inside the shop, to pay; that we would have to stand 2m away from the next guy in the line.

Yes, indeed everything is very different in the New Normal.  We are still feeling the pinch of Covid 19 though.  Our shelves are crying out for produce.  South African lockdown is taking its toll on our supply chain and some items look as though they will not be available again for another month or two.

We made it through the closed shop period, the self-isolation times, thanks to our loyal customers who continued to support us online.  We also had ongoing problems with our website during this time, as our web designers were also not working.  Those who order frequently will know that they have seen our checkout change almost daily - sometimes working and sometimes not working so well.  We have had some complaints but we are sure there are many of you who have just put up with the difficulties and not reported the issues to us.  Thank you all for your patience.  We have been aware of the problems but truthfully, unable to fix the issues.  Hopefully the lack of comunication between our site and PayPal has now been resolved.  We appreciate that it is not so easy to see, but you can definitely pay by Debit / Credit card and do not need a PayPal account to buy from our site.  Please feel free to phone your order through if you are frustrated or need any help,  01268-727877 and speak to Jeanette.

Once again we are pursuing a good system of Loyalty Reward Points for online buyers.  We will keep you posted so that you can take advantage of that as soon as it is up and running.  This has been another webdesigner issue, that is nearing completion.  

So from all of us at Biltong Direct:  Factory Manager and Orders:  Jeanette,    Basildon Shop Manager:  Evelyn,   Chelmsford Shop Manager:  Charmaine,  Assistant:  Zack, Butchers: Erwin and Gill  and owners Derick and Rose a very big THANK YOU.  We are all looking forward to welcoming you back.